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The last, but not the least.
Some tips “How-to-survive”
Vocabulary is one of the core subjects for second-year students. It is April and this course comes to an end, so it`s time to put up our feet, to enjoy the fruits of our hard work and to give our feedback. Well, I won`t talk the fact up if I say that we get enormous benefits out of our vocabulary classes. They turned out to be not just dull learning of words by heart, but something much more interesting. We were ought to complete different creative tasks and acquire diverse skills, which may come in useful in future: we were required to run a story, to create comics, to speak on behalf of some famous person. It`s needless to say that we got acquainted with vast amount of different tools to make the process more interesting, remarkable and absorbing. It`s common knowledge, that people much prefer to go off the beaten track and to show initiative in doing something new, something groundbreaking, isn`t it? J
On the other hand you have to take the course seriously and to meet the requirements. First of all it is continuous assessment. You should grasp the importance of every kind of activity in order to show marked improvement. I honestly think that you can take advantage of every task given to you.
Also I strongly advise you not to put off completing tasks, as it often happens, but to do your bit on time. Even if you are a quick learner, you can run the risk of being on the rocks with a plenty of blog posts to wright and the latter night to do it. So try to keep up with your deadlines in order not to burn the midnight oil.
That`s a rough idea of my experience of vocabulary classes. I wish you to be eager beavers, to show proven ability and to pass your exams with flying colors. I hope that you will enjoy the course of vocabulary and I believe that you will be in advance of every next class to make new findings, to celebrate new achievements and just to have fun!

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